Over_ons_00Shakawe Crafts Centre

The Shakawe Crafts Centre was set up as a central location for sales in order to give isolated rural communities better market access. Since the project began, baskets and other crafts are being sold in the shop, and the women are also being trained in quality control, basket designs, record keeping and sustainable palm harvesting methods.

The initial goal was for the Crafts Centre to become a self-sufficient business run by the producers whereby the sale of products would cover shop maintenance costs, as well as to continue purchasing products at a fair price from the crafts producers, providing them with a sustainable source of income to improve their livelihoods.

Improving sales is one of the main challenges the project will need to overcome in order to fully live up to its potential. Although not as remote as the rural communities it supports, Shakawe is located along a route less travelled by tourists. This is an obstacle to development.

The success of the Shakawe Crafts Centre depends on your willingness to buy and support the development of their products. By purchasing products from the Crafts Centre, you make a tangible difference in the lives of these hard working communities and participate in the preservation of local skills, tradition and culture.