Botswana basket: Knees of the tortoise (B 265)

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The design of this unique basket has been inspired upon traditional stories of the fascinating plants, animals and people that inhabit the Okavango region in Botswana. The baskets are made from Mokola palm leaves and their colours are derived from natural dyes extracted from roots and bark. Botswana baskets represent some of Africa’s most exquisite and culturally significant art forms.

Your purchase helps the weavers and their families in establishing independent, sustainable livelihoods. The Arts for Africa foundation makes sure that the weavers get a fair price.

This basket was made in Etsha 1 Groep.
Crafter: Maapeo Samende

It has taken her 6 months to weave this exceptional piece of work.

Height: 54 cm
Diameter: 37 cm

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