Working together

In contrast to traditional forms of development aid, we don’t simply give. We seek to build and nurture long lasting, working relationships with our partners in Africa so that our efforts match their needs. This fosters a greater sense of equality and ownership amongst our partner communities. Unfortunately, the success of our programme depends on so much more than the commitment of the local communities we work with in Africa.     

We need your help

The high costs involved in transport, import tax, packaging and marketing are some of the challenges faced by the Crafthood Programme. Apart from Trade Aid, the programme works hard to support the communities with the construction of Craft Centres and hosting of skills development and environmental workshops in Botswana. Big or small, your business can make a huge difference in our efforts to implement fair and ecologically responsible trade of African arts & crafts. If you feel that your business or organisation is able to contribute in any way, please contact us.