Why join us?

Arts for Africa focusses on improving livelihoods through facilitating responsible trade of African arts and crafts. We are currently involved in the Crafthood Programme in Botswana, which was initiated by our local partner Travel for Impact, with seed funding from the Southern African Regional Environmental Programme (SAREP). The aim is to support basket weavers in establishing an independent livelihood, and in turn, support immediate needs within their household.

The success of the Crafthood Programme does not only depend on the dedication and quality of the arts & crafts that our partner communities produce – but also on your support.

Your help enables the programme to host the environmental and skills development workshops, and provide the infrastructure, logistics and marketing involved in setting up fair and ecologically responsible trade of crafts.

How you can participate

We invite businesses and individuals to join hands with the Crafthood Programme. Help us impact the lives of the hard working communities we support by promoting or reselling their products, or by simply making a donation. There are many other ways in which the programme needs your help. Find out more below!